The financial assistance of the program of Rehabilitation of the Needy Poor People is absolutely non-refundable and "Sadka-E-Zaria" which is based on the teaching of the Holy Quran.

Health Support

Poverty and unemployment in poor countries often leave people without access to medical care. Insufficient education and lack of access to information makes it difficult for millions of people understand how to prevent and cure diseases or take care of themselves. Mortality due to unawareness of deadly diseases and medical care is high in developing countries.

In Bangladesh GDP per capita is about US$ 360.00, total health expenditure per capita is about 3.8% of GDP. A Bangladeshi citizen can spend only US$ 12.00 per annum for health care facility. The amount is so small that a citizen cannot afford a quake late alone a qualified doctor and medicine. More over the rural areas of Bangladesh are much neglected.

To ensure this health care for the people of the community at remote areas in Bangladesh where no medical service is available KMRF has introduced the health care unit. This KMRF health Care Unit is a clinic comprising of (10) MBBS doctors out of which four (04) are female. KMRF health Care Unit renders health care services to the needy people of the remote areas, which include:

The Government of Bangladesh has set a priority to education in the agenda of national development by launching mass literacy programs for eradication of large-scale

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