The financial assistance of the program of Rehabilitation of the Needy Poor People is absolutely non-refundable and "Sadka-E-Zaria" which is based on the teaching of the Holy Quran.

Scholarship Awarded

The Government of Bangladesh has set a priority to education in the agenda of national development by launching mass literacy programs for eradication of large-scale illiteracy from the country within the shortest possible time.

Basic literacy is recognized not only as fundamental human right but also an essential prerequisite for sustainable development on both a person and community level.

In this context, the Government of Bangladesh and several Non-Government Organizations funded by local and foreign countries are working for eradication of illiteracy from this country. KMRF has rendered services, in the education sector in different way. KMRF has surveyed and found that several poor meritorious students of the neglected remote areas cannot continue their education because of financial assistance KMRF understands that these neglected meritorious student may become leader of the community. Financial help is necessary if this has to be realized. KMRF has provided financial support to the poor meritorious student of class IX & X in every year. In each class the 1st, 2nd, 3rd position meritorious students are eligible to have the financial assistance from KMRF. KMRF is now concentrating in the Virago district, but the plan for expansion if finance is available.

Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries (LDC) of the world. Bangladesh also has one of the largest Muslim populations of the world. 85% of its population lives in the village,

2017: Scholarship Awarded To 1,801 Students From 86 Schools

2016: Scholarship Awarded To 1955 Students From 79 Schools

2015: Scholarship Awarded To 1401 Students From 81 Schools

2014: Scholarship Awarded To 1538 Students From 77 Schools

2013: Scholarship Awarded To 673 Students From 63 Schools

2012: Scholarship Awarded To 507 Students From 60 Schools

2011: Scholarship Awarded To 188 Students From 48 Schools

2011: Scholarship Ceremony In the Media

2010: Scholarship Awarded To 168 Students From 31 Schools

2010: Scholarship Ceremony In the Media

2009: Scholarship Awarded To 120 Students From 25 Schools

2008: Scholarship Awarded To 103 Students From 18 Schools

2007: Scholarship Awarded To 78 Students From 13 Schools

2006: Scholarship Awarded To 54 Students From 9 Schools

2005: Scholarship Awarded To 42 Students From 7 Schools

2004: Scholarship Awarded To 48 Students From 8 Schools

2003: Scholarship Awarded To 30 Students From 5 Schools

2002: Scholarship Awarded To 24 Students From 4 Schools

2001: Scholarship Awarded To 12 Students From 2 Schools